Air China stands out among the top airlines in Asia though it was founded recently in 2004. It has thrived rapidly to form itself one among the most significant air carriers with a considerable fleet size consisting of 263 aircraft in the region. It carries out more than 1200 regular departures to over 250 locations of the world.

Air China is owned by the prestigious China Aviation Group and is renowned for its excellent hospitality, network, and credibility of its ground staff and cabin crew across the world. It has hugely trained as well as educated staff that emphasizes availing the excellent services to all of its passengers. You can readily get your tickets of Air China international airline by calling at Air China phone number, a significant booking helpline number that has made online flight bookings much easier through Air China giving the best discounts and surpassing all the travel portal websites across the internet.

Air China is counted among the top airline companies across the world and has gained several awards plus a 4-star rating from ‘Skytrax.’ Air China gives timely services and has lower airfare than most of the airlines. Therefore, it has been capable of leaving a mark in the airlines industry. Know more about the airlines and its booking procedure at Air China phone number.

Check-in Procedure of Air China

For flights operated by Air China, check-in begins 36 hours prior and ends before two hours of the scheduled time of departure. You’re recommended to reach the airport a minimum of 120 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. (This time limit is subject to the flight initialization time.)

To check-in online for the flights operated by Air China and departing from the city of Ulan Bator is readily available in the span of 36 hours to 3 hours before the departure of the flight. For this time, online check-in doesn’t apply to children, infants, the ill, the disabled, and other kinds of customers who require special assistance. For more information about the check-in process, call our experts at Air China Phone Number.

Carry-on Baggage of Air china Airlines

We are postulating the highest dimensions or/and the weight of carry-on baggage that can be placed in the cabin area. Each First Class/ Business Class passenger is permitted to carry two carry-on items, each of them weighing in the limit of 8 kg (17 lbs.). Every passenger in the Economy Class is permitted to carry an utmost single quantity of carry-on baggage having weight up to the limits of 5 kg (11 lbs.).

Every carry-on items’ dimensions must be under 40 cm (16 in.) wide, 55 cm (22 in.) long, and 20 cm (8 in.) high. This safeguards the carry-on baggage to be stored appropriately below the seat ahead of you or stored in the locked overhead compartment in the aircraft.

The baggage unable to get entirely stored below the seat or stowed into the overhead compartment, or being oversized or overheavy, or that the staff thinks it can jeopardize safety in any way will be labeled as checked baggage. You can get more information regarding it by calling at Air China Phone Number.