Explore Pleasure with Different Types of Rubber Dick

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Rubber dicks are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and materials that can help every individual or couple to explore their sexual pleasure and satisfaction. In this article, we will explore various types of pau de borracha (rubber dick) as each of them is designed to provide different sensations and experiences.

Types of Rubber Dicks

Following are certain types of rubber dildos that can help an individual or couple explore their bodies from a sexual point of view:

  1. Normal Rubber Dick

Classic rubber dicks are one of the most versatile and straightforward types of rubber dildo as it come in different sizes and shapes. Even though it looks like a real erect penis due to this it becomes ideal for both anal and vaginal stimulation that can be used either for solo or partnered play. The realistic textures and features make it even more exciting for penetration while others are sleek and simple.

pau de borracha

  1. Vibrating Rubber Penis

To improve the stimulation of the vagina or anal, you may require vibrating dildos which can take the pleasure to the next level by configuring different vibrating levels. These vibrating dildos have a feature of built-in motors that offer a wide range of intensities and patterns as it can allow users to customize their experience accordingly. Clitoral stimulation can help females for arousal and they can use vibrating dildos.

  1. G-Spot Dildos

The G-spot is an erogenous zone inside the vagina which is more sensitive than the clitoral but it is difficult to find it. Hence females always require G-spot dildos which are in curved or angled shape that help them to reach and stimulate the G-spot easily. Many female users even prefer G-spot dildos over any other dildos because they provide extreme pleasure and satisfaction, and that leads to intense orgasms.

  1. Double-Ended Dildos

Another type of dildo is double-ended dildos which are mainly designed for partnered play that allow both individuals and partners to enjoy the penetration simultaneously. All these dildos are available in multiple lengths and shapes, as each of them is designed for penetration. Even some lesbian couples, heterosexual couples, or solo play, these people use double-ended dildos that offer a shared pleasure and connection between them.